Cheap Case Study

Case study is the study of a situation requiring systematic, analysis and preparation of reports. In contrast to writing an essay, the case study answers the questions “How?” and “Why?”

Regarding the event, procedure or some phenomenon. On this study can work as one person, and the whole team or organization. The research report includes the opinions of specialists, quoted scientific sources, therefore such dossiers are often used to develop new techniques in a variety of areas marketing, medicine, manufacturing, etc.

General tips to create cheap case study

Formulate the research tasks. The question for the case-study can be provided by the teacher or the management, or you can formulate it yourself. The question should be concretized, and for its you can use scientific or modern research techniques.  The question excludes the answer “Yes” or “No”.

Don’t use subjective variants of the research question. For example, the question “What kind of news portal do young people like 18-20 years old” better to replace with “Which news portal is most often visited by young people aged 18-20 years.”

Questions can also be formulated in the approval format, for example: “Please explain how the existing procedure technology was created”

A good case should meet the following requirements:

– meet the clearly stated goal of creation;

– have an appropriate level of difficulty;

– illustrate several aspects of economic life;

– to be modern;

– to be relevant for today;

– illustrate typical situations;

– develop analytical thinking;

– To provoke a discussion;

– have several solutions.