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The purpose of writing an essay is to reasonably prove your position in this matter. Show others that she has a right to exist. An essay is a written work in which the author freely reflects on the problem exciting him.

In recent years, this genre has appeared more and more in examination, olympiad and competitive works. It gives an opportunity to reveal the level of knowledge of the student and the range of his interests.

Although this genre is considered free, it has some peculiarities.

  • The essay has a small volume, about 2-9 pages.
  • The essay and their arguments should alternate in the essay.
  • There is always the main idea.
  • The work should find the reader an emotional response. If there is no reaction – the essay failed.
  • A relaxed style of speech, without the use of rude, abusive and other unacceptable expressions.

The most important thing is a thorough familiarization with the chosen topic.  And also thinking over the author’s position. It should be considered and argued. All common places, absurdities and plagiarism should be ruled out. We must be confident in our scientific knowledge on the topic and have accurate information about individuals and dates.

As in any other written work, the essay must contain the beginnings, the basic thought and the ending. These are the main semantic parts of all types of writing. And this is standard. Often, the structure of the essay depends on the requirements. When writing an essay, you should not lose the arguments on which your work will be built. For example, it can be various scientific evidence, ordinary life situations, a variety of events, references to the dissenting opinions of others. The structure of the essay will look like this: the beginning, the main idea, the argument, the thesis and the ending. The author’s position, stated in the form of theses, must always be supported by arguments. You can order guality essay writer help at website.

When writing an essay, there is no difficulty. It is important to stick to the basic principles, and then it will be easier to develop the basic idea of your essay.

After the end of the work, you need to check it for grammatical errors. If there are fresh thoughts, they can be added. The text of the essay must always be edited. And only then to transfer work to the clean.

Have you seen that it’s very easy to do this job? Then get down and be confident in your abilities!

Tips for Successful Essay Writing

If you often have difficulty when writing an essay, this article will be useful for you.

Here we will discuss some practical, non-public tips that will help you to write  better and more efficiently.

So  – first: Read and analyze the good, well and clearly written essays of other people. During such a search, you will definitely find good tricks, words, terms and arguments that can be used in your topic as well. Take a detailed analysis to find out what makes these essays so successful: What are the claims made by the author? Why do they sound good? Is there logic, source, structure? What evidence are the most persuasive? Why the work  shows trust? How does the author submit the facts and what is his or her approach to storytelling? Does the author support his or her arguments with examples? Answer these questions and make conclusions.

Next tip: create a plan. Gather your thoughts and ideas, brainstorm to outline your work. Write down your main ideas and fill them up gradually. Later, analyze the written text and make sure the information is correct, and provide  proof. In general, you need three arguments or evidence to support each basic idea.

You may have a question –  how to Brainstorm your own ideas? You can use  arguments of others to formulate what you want to say. However, you have to offer your own interpretation on the topic to make the essay unique.

Make lists of ideas. Do not hurry. Walk around the neighborhood or local park and think about your topic. Be prepared for ideas coming to you when you least expect them.

Cheap Case Study

Case study is the study of a situation requiring systematic, analysis and preparation of reports. In contrast to writing an essay, the case study answers the questions “How?” and “Why?”

Regarding the event, procedure or some phenomenon. On this study can work as one person, and the whole team or organization. The research report includes the opinions of specialists, quoted scientific sources, therefore such dossiers are often used to develop new techniques in a variety of areas marketing, medicine, manufacturing, etc.

General tips to create cheap case study

Formulate the research tasks. The question for the case-study can be provided by the teacher or the management, or you can formulate it yourself. The question should be concretized, and for its you can use scientific or modern research techniques.  The question excludes the answer “Yes” or “No”.

Don’t use subjective variants of the research question. For example, the question “What kind of news portal do young people like 18-20 years old” better to replace with “Which news portal is most often visited by young people aged 18-20 years.”

Questions can also be formulated in the approval format, for example: “Please explain how the existing procedure technology was created”

A good case should meet the following requirements:

– meet the clearly stated goal of creation;

– have an appropriate level of difficulty;

– illustrate several aspects of economic life;

– to be modern;

– to be relevant for today;

– illustrate typical situations;

– develop analytical thinking;

– To provoke a discussion;

– have several solutions.

A unique student work.

All students are faced with the preparation and protection of abstracts. I want to do this as well as possible, quickly and get an excellent rating. Not at all it turns out quickly and easily. But there are several “chips” of the abstract, which will help greatly facilitate this difficult process.

The main thing in this business is to choose the topic of the essay correctly. If there is a right to choose, then it is better to use it. And take this responsibly. The correct topic in the future depends on your assessment. And what is the right theme?

  • Interesting – it is much easier to write on the topic that is of genuine interest.
  • Clear – it will be very difficult to write about something you do not understand at all.
  • Actual – the relevance of the subject matter will come in handy in order to make an abstract with high uniqueness.
  • It will be useful to you in the future. You have to choose a topic that echoes the theme of your course or diploma. When the time comes to write them, you will have some work.

A pledge of good quality is to start in time and correctly distribute time. Do not put it off for the last night. The result will be deplorable. Yes, and the score is low. Therefore, it is better to start the work in advance. Correctly organized time management will help you with this.

The guarantee of uniqueness is the proper selection of literature for the essay. When looking for sources, pay attention to ensure that they are as fresh as possible. Then, when checking for plagiarism, the uniqueness of your essay will be higher.

Of particular importance for the essay are the introduction and conclusion. These are very important parts of the work. Most often, teachers pay the most attention to the introduction and conclusion. You should give them enough time to write.

In order that you do not have to reread all the work and review all the sources used, make references to them while writing the main part. This will save your time considerably.

To get a good assessment, you must prepare a spectacular speech on the protection of the essay. Even an ideally written essay is easily spoiled if you are not prepared to protect it. Be sure to read all the text several times. Think over your speech. Make a plan and practice speaking.

If you comply with all these rules – you will get a unique job!

Course work

Coursework is the first serious student work, introducing the students to the skills of processing, arranging and analyzing the selected material. This type of educational scientific and methodological work assumes the independent activity of the student over a certain problem of the scientific field.

An undisclosed topic.

Lack of a clear understanding of goals and objectives leads to the impossibility of properly arranging and submitting materials for verification. To disclose the topic, it is necessary to work closely with the teacher, seeking clarification of its essence and the correct approach to disclosure. Timely work started will help to clarify the details, and do not waste time wasted.

Lack of a meaningful approach to material development.

If it was possible to select the necessary material, it is necessary to take care of the correctness of its elaboration: isolating the main information, investigating, analyzing, drawing conclusions, in which an innovative approach will be evident, as well as an answer to the questions and problems.

Lack of presentation logic.

Inability to correctly, correctly and logically state the material leads to the complete failure of even the most ingenious research project. In order not to lose the logic of presentation, it is not just to stick to the plan, but to follow the thread of reasoning leading to the correct conclusions.


The basic and constant terror, indicating the inability to work with existing materials. Such a defect is an indicator of an incorrect approach to planning or the performance of labor in the shortest possible time. Theuseofborrowingisnecessarywiththemind, if possible, rework ideas, statements and quotes found in other sources

The drawbacks when drawing links.

Links – this is the element of the course project, which pay close attention to curators and inspectors. It is better to get acquainted with the order of registration of this element of the educational project in advance at the curator or in the methodical literature. paper writer can not use links whose content is unknown. The haphazardly inserted link can become the basis for additional questions and a decrease in evaluation.


Competent work is the face of a student. Checking the grammatical, lexical, syntactic, logical and other errors of presentation should be given serious attention and a lot of time, which can not be in the conditions of short terms of writing the material.